Sunday, 28 September 2014

Chapter 5 – getting into shape - Troupes and Artists

Brooke relaxed as the curl and extension repetitions she’d been doing became onerous after the cardio workout. They were strengthening her upper thigh muscles and the lap down repetitions she alternated between were building the muscles in her back.

It was hard going and while she was making a good recovery, she still needed to conserve her energy so as to get up to full capacity.

She’d been using the studio gym for the past week after Wanda had booked her in on the final day of the final week to attend her audition.

Wanda had done this to give her full advantage of not only making a complete recovery but to have time to build her fitness before the call-out.

She shivered when recalling her shock when Wanda spoke of his tour. The past weeks came flooding back to her. She had not heard the song since…that holiday break. After all there was no reason ….until now.

She stopped momentarily as the gym’s door opened and a female entered and walked towards her. Brooke knew it was a dancer, the way she held her body and moved gracefully across the room. She stopped near Brooke and greeted her with a friendly hi.

‘Good to see you’re hitting the gym, Brooke,’ said the young woman. She smiled and said, ‘My name is Ginia, I was here when you were brought in.

There was confusion as to who you were, but I knew you, I recognised you from the Grand Shell Tour.’ She paused and continued, ‘You were great, a great Lead….I told Wanda you were a dancer. The couple who brought you, gave me your bracelet with the inscription on it, so I verified your identity.’

Brooke smiled and said, ‘Thank you. I think maybe you....and the couple...saved me........….’

‘Yes,’ said Ginia. ‘You were disoriented. We gave you water and put you to bed. We checked on you, hydrated you and took you to the bathroom but otherwise you slept for days.’

Silence filled the space in the conversation as Brooke reflected on the kindness of strangers.

Ginia paused before continuing, ‘aahh, Brooke, what happened to you out there…..?’

Brooke breathed in and exhaled slowly, ‘I remember I had dropped two dancers off at the three-ways and was travelling north. His song came on….and I…that’s all I recall..the next thing I know, I find myself in a bed… here…’

Ginia paused before replying, ‘You’ve…you’ve done well to, well you know be here..’

Brooke started again on the repetitions while talking with Ginia, ‘Yes, I know…I’m ok…just need to keep going…’

Ginia replied, ‘Well Brooke, let me help you. Have you thought about the audition, usually they’re only around 3 minutes. The studio is free this week, we can meet and together work out a routine.’

Ginia hesitated before continuing, ‘You need a Lucky Break, Brooke, the hell you’ve been through, you deserve….one.’

With that Ginia smiled, turned around and walked towards the exit of the gym.


Belle Stars - The clapping song 1982


  1. Hello, dear Allie-Millie! Somehow Brooke's story seems laced with dark secrets and danger. Every new character introduced seems to know the truth about Brooke but she and we are kept in the dark. I feel a bit tense reading the story which only points to your ability as a writer to keep me enthralled, wondering what will happen next and yearning for the denouement.

    I never heard the Belle Stars version of "The Clapping Song" but very much enjoyed this marvelous performance video. As you might know, the song was recorded stateside by pop soul singer Shirley Ellis and reached #8 on the U.S. chart in 1965. In 1982 your Belle Stars covered the song and reached #11 in the UK. Their record did not chart here in America but a version by pop songstress Pia Zadora made the top 40 the following year. My girlfriend and I went to see Pia Zadora in concert in 1986.

    I am thoroughly wrapped up in these tantalizing chapters of your story, dear friend Allie-Millie. Thank you very much and have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Shady Del Knight,

    Thanks for swinging by:) Shirley Ellis is great with the Go Go Girls in the background and I too like this version. Stayed tuned here at writing the rapids as we almost reach the story's climax and the closing chapter of Troupes and Artists.

  3. Ah, Allie-Millie, I think I see a transitional teaser there...

    Lovely work and I can't wait to see the next installment.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Hi Cherdo,

    Good to see you, stay tuned...:)