Friday, 18 April 2014



I trust you are having a good year and dealing with life's stresses; if you're struggling a bit, you may find the below tips helpful.

These techniques will help you to better manage strong emotional reactions to life events, relationship difficulties and general interactions with people we all encounter as we go about our daily lives.

Sometimes it's our reaction to circumstances, situations or challenging life events which is the key to dealing with difficult and emotionally distressing situations.

Dealing with negative consequences as a result of an argument, a difficult interaction with a boss or an unexpected confrontation in a rational and matter-of-fact manner helps us to feel empowered and in control of our emotional life.

This approach has many benefits. Since we are in control of our emotions and thoughts, this helps us to feel ultimately in control of our lives. We can become calmer and better equipped to deal with challenging circumstances, so that our relationships with lovers, friends, as parents and importantly with ourselves can be enhanced.

Like anything, developing new thought patterns and habits takes perseverance. It takes time to establish new patters of behaviour.

The key is persistence and in the words of Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich) - the following reinforces this:

There is no substitute for persistence. The person who makes persistence his Watch-word discovers that 'old-man failure' finally becomes tired & makes his departure. Failure cannot cope with persistence.

So you're asking how do I deal with this; the consequences of an argument, an unexpected negative interaction with a boss or simply with a driver who has cut us off in traffic.

It's about reframing. It about reframing negative thoughts. Sometimes we internalise negative self-talk because we're insecure, we're under the weather, we're battered by our emotional life - no-one teaches us about emotions; how to deal with them; that they're important to acknowledge.

Some techniques will be posted shortly.

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