Monday, 24 February 2014

A New Year

Hello everyone, apologies for the delay. It's good to be back.

Firstly, welcome to 2014, may you have a great ride this year and/or a steady year. Sometimes the unassuming years are the best, raising families, nurturing relationships and simply enjoying the small things in life.

Yesterday we had the most awesome weather. The temperature was absolutely perfect, with the hint of a gentle breeze caressing my face and rustling my fringe, the cool welcoming sensation under my hair line soothed away the tiny beads of sweat which had collected under the canopy of my thick hair. It gave me a sense of solace and contentment to enjoy this sensation along with the warmth of the sun pleasantly touching my arms as I drove along the highway. Listening to Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger's - 'Don't Look Back,' added an additional exquisite layer to the moment as the music kindled a deep emotional response in me.

The words were a reminder to me to not dwell on the past, to focus on the present and to move forward. Have you ever observed while being a passenger in a car or riding on a train how quickly the countryside flashes past you.
I recall travelling by rail in Sweden how the acres of yellow crops of Oilseed fields, flashed by as we moved swiftly towards our destination on the speedy rail. Likewise, I visualise unpleasant memories as if they are flashing through my mind as I swiftly move forward to wherever it is I am heading.

Often times it is the journey which is an integral part of our experiences as we head towards our destinations.

I physically felt uplifted yesterday, driving along the highway by both the physical and emotional sensations I was experiencing in that moment. I truly felt what it meant to live in the moment, with the past and future completely non-existent in that time. I felt very calm and centred. My mind was clear and my heart was beating so quietly and rythmically, I was barely conscious of my breathing.

The roads were quiet and I thought the moment was uncompromisingly flawless. To gain such pleasure out of such simplicity truly made me appreciate my sensitive nature. While wonderful for moments like it, being sensitive can be a curse as criticism or not-so-grand comments, hurled at you are felt deeply.

I think developing a mental toughness helps to manage the downsides to having a sensitive nature. Mental toughness is about acknowledging the pain but it's also just about dealing with it. Dealing with it by knowing it's there but simply just getting on with life. Getting up in the morning and keeping to routines acts as a distraction.

Another term for mental toughness is resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity and to be solid at your core. Resilience can be developed - more on this soon.

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