Monday, 9 June 2014



Riding the Waves along Australia's coastline

Building Bridges - Cowra - Japan-Australia - peace at historic Prisoner of War Gardens

Scuplture @ Coogee Beach Sydney, Australia

Always have your eye on the ball

Swim at natural rock pools, Coogee Beach Sydney, Australia

Headland view of Sydney Coastline


Sunset at Coogee Beach Sydney, Australia

Riding the waves along Australia's coastline


Rock Waterfall

Eco-Farms, wind farms in inland Australia - windy corridor


  1. Hi, Allie-Millie! This is a wonderful post, dear friend. In the span of two days you have introduced me to two music acts that are brand new to me. Christine Anu has a beautiful voice and I very much enjoyed listening to "My Island Home." It set the mood and provided perfect accompaniment as I scrolled down and gazed at pictures of your native land. I read that the song is widely believed to be about the island continent of Australia but it was actually written about Elcho Island off the coast of the Northern Territory. I love the sea, rocks, waterfalls and similar settings that foster peace and serenity, and these images prove that Australia has an abundance of natural and man-made wonders.

    Thank you, dear Allie-Millie. Good night and have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for posting Shady, out of interest do you have wind farms as they're going up everywhere here. Yes, a great song! and all those peace photos are from the Japanese Gardens at Cowra. Living in Florida, you too would have great beaches :) until next time

    1. Hi again, Allie-Millie! Yes, there are wind farms in the U.S. Use this address to view a picture of the giant turbines near the home of my Kansas blog friend Abigail. It's the 6th picture down.

  3. Hi Shady Del Knight,

    Thanks for that I did look at the link and I can well imagine Kansas would be a good location for the wind turbines with its reputation for Tornados vis-à-vis Wizard of OZ. People also talk about harnessing solar power too which can be a money saver as you put it back on the grid, reducing energy bills.