Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wealthy habits

I thought I'd share with you habits of wealthy people - source Harvard School of Research


Goals written and achievable plus physical actions such as writing them down – eg (pay mortgage off in 5-8 years, have 3 months' saved for lean times or practise preventative health habits.)

Keep goals in sight.

Daily to-do-list

Know what needs to be done today (maintain a daily to-do-list). Over 70% or more of tasks on a daily list are completed by Wealthy People.

Productive use of time and daily habits

Productive use of time and daily habits

Use time productively and engage in daily habitual behaviour. Read for self-improvement. 86% of wealthy people said they loved reading so are voracious readers, reading for 30 mins per day.

Wealthy People believe habits have a daily positive impact on their Lives and success in Life. Value relationships and save money – plus accumulate wealth.

Live by the 80/20 concept where you save 20% and Live on 80%.

Be you own PR machine

Go above and beyond what’s required at the office and create the brand you want for yourself, so when opportunity arises you’ll be in the right place to take advantage of any extras.

Be Creative

When you engage in creative pursuits and turn it into monetary value, the results are obscene. A lot of Wealthy People are self-educated people, learnt from the school of hard knocks.


  1. Hi, Allie-Millie! I am back from my vacation and three week blogging break and thought I drop by to see you. (Thank you again for your well wishes on my 6th anniversary post.)

    I agree that we can all learn how to be more successful by observing the habits of successful people. Wealthy people don't make excuses. They find a way to get things done. They are organized and disciplined. They plan. They take initiative. They save money to accumulate wealth and invest some of their resources in furthering their education. These are all sound principles.

    In seminars we were taught not only to model the behavior of successful people, but to actually invite a successful person to lunch so that you can elicit helpful information from him or her - tips, tools and techniques they used to get where they are today. The luncheon could also serve as a "referral interview" in which you could ask if they know of anybody else you could contact for further assistance.

    I hope you've been well, dear friend. If you'd like to see where I've been the last three weeks I'll be posting pictures of my vacation in the western U.S. in a 3-part blog series beginning tomorrow (Sunday). I hope to see you there, dear Allie-Millie!

  2. Hi Shady Del Knight,

    Good to see you're back - my how that time went by so quickly! Awesome, look forward to the photos. I trust you had a great road trip! I like the idea of lunch and sharing wealthy tips, pay it foward :) Stay tuned for more posts @ writing the rapids