Friday, 5 December 2014

Target Practice

He shattered her self-belief – carelessly and without any regard for….her feelings. It was an unprovoked attack.

Momentarily stunned and focusing too hard on the words written on the paper, she swallowed her pain, suffering silently, putting the paper to one side, before announcing she had never liked the singer’s music, so it really was of no interest to her, the song title, code for his dreadful attempt at…..humour.

He continued with his task and without looking at her said, ‘throw it out,’ she said yes I will.

She screwed up the piece of paper and dropped it to one side. She was now expected to concentrate on her daily tasks after being so blatantly insulted (as if it was the natural course of Life for him to hurl insults her way) and for her to well, just ….suck….it.

She paused in her thinking and momentarily froze, before standing up and furiously hurling the screwed up piece of paper his way declaring, ‘you are an a…hole, you be nice to me.’

It bounced off his head and rolled her way. She bent down, picked it up and this time she used the full force of an overarm swing, to hurl the ball of paper his way again. The target sailed through the air landing on his head, bouncing lightly off his hair onto the floor.

She sat down and with a weight lifted from her upper torso announced, ‘Great, I feel so much better now.’

He seemed taken aback and asked, ‘Aren’t I always nice to you?’ Grudgingly, she said, ‘yes, I suppose.’

She regained something of herself and vowed to fight this flagrant disregard for any sense of normalcy? She could not think of another term to define the inadequacies of this person, generously paid to manage and lead, yet lacking basic everyday skills when dealing with people. She felt inclined to screw up pieces of paper all day and use his head as target practice.

Instead, however, she smiled sweetly and said, ‘Rob, I’m going for coffee, would you like me to get you one?’

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  1. Good morning and good evening, dear friend Allie-Millie! I see that you have redesigned your blog. It looks fabulous! The color scheme is attractive and the general layout clean, uncluttered and user friendly.

    I don't know for sure if this is a short story in its entirety or only the first chapter, but it certainly aroused my interest. The politics of the workplace is a topic that has long fascinated me. I worked at three different television stations and each had its own unique culture and rules of conduct for employees. At the first station I remember a young woman stalking and harassing a male employee. At the second, most members of the rank and file had loose lips. Remarks were commonly made that would today be considered inappropriate for the workplace and politically incorrect. At the third station it was even more loosely structured. Management, upon hiring a new female worker, routinely quipped "Here at W---, sexual harassment is one of our fringe benefits."

    I can't wait to write the rapids with you again, dear Allie-Millie. Please note that I am flying to another state this weekend and will be away from blogging and out of touch until next Wednesday. Until then, please take good care of yourself, dear friend!

  2. Hey Shady,

    Have a safe trip and a fun time. Do you think this story could be expanded upon and if so which direction might it head. Until next time keep safe and thankx for your comments.

    1. Hi again, dear Allie-Millie! There is an undeniable tension in the office. It seems like these two have a love-hate thing going on and therefore the story could lead in any number of directions.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I will reconnect with you next week, dear friend. Take care!

      P.S. - Your posts are still not reaching the reader stream. That's why Cherdo replied that she hasn't seen anything new from you in a while. I wish I knew how to remedy the situation.