Thursday, 14 May 2015

Running High - Chapter 18

Their time in Istanbul was over. Today they would fly to Marseille. This would give Sara and Ric 3 days before the race.

Sara’s boundaries while in Istanbul were extended, especially when visiting Gallipoli where her ancestors had fought and died. In many ways she had reconnected with her own heritage. She wasn’t sure what this meant but perhaps the future would make this clearer for her somehow in her actions or the decisions she made. She’d gained knowledge about herself too, her good and not so good traits such as her tendency to fall easily in love. She mused on this as she recognised such traits came with inherent dangers, some of which she’d already encountered.

As well, she realised her choices in men depended upon their willingness to offer her the unconditional emotional support she craved. She wondered if this deal breaker had been what had held her back from settling into a long-term commitment.

If nothing else from this journey she wanted that she could be more the master of her emotional life and not be constantly at its mercy, like a boat being rocked around in stormy seas.

She sighed thinking about the past 6 months and her fascination with Ric. One of the reasons she loved him was he met her emotional needs unconditionally.

For now her mind was focused on the run and sharing it with him. After all, it had been an unusual encounter which had not only brought them together but had seen them travel to a foreign land on the other side of the world. No mean feat really. As well, she thought about how far they both had really travelled personally. She wanted to savour it and have him by her side, crossing the finishing line together.

She picked up her pack and went downstairs to say her farewells to Steele.

There was no one around when she went downstairs. Putting her pack down, she made her way outside. Admiring the pool she headed towards the grassy knoll to take a final look across the Aegean Sea.

As she rounded the corner of the building, Steele saw her and called out.

‘Hi,’ he said as he walked towards her. ‘I was just checking the meter as Abdi said there had been a power surge.’

Sara said, ‘I was just going to take one final look over the ocean.’

Their eyes held for a second. Steele took her arm and said, ‘Come, Sara let me show you a great vantage point.’

Together they walked towards the grassy knoll and over its crest was a headland covered with vegetation and an opening which revealed expansive views of the ocean.

‘It’s truly stunning,’ said Sara.

‘Thanks for helping, Sara, the spouses loved it!'

He laughed and continued,  'You made my job very easy.’

‘Steele,’ said Sara, ‘it was a pleasure, after all you’ve done.’

He held her close.

‘I’m sorry it can’t be different,’ she whispered. ‘You, me, Ric, your girlfriend. It is all so complicated.’

He turned and faced her. Placing his fingers against her lips he tenderly lifted a strand of hair from her eyes.

Cupping her face in his hands, he tilted his head and placed his lips on hers, kissing her for a long time.

She responded by placing her arms around his neck and obscured from view by the vegetation they kissed sweetly.

When they parted she gasped and held onto him. He wrapped both his arms around her. Stroking her hair and nuzzling his face against her neck, he whispered, ‘I’m falling for you.’

Resting on his chest, she listened to her head rather than her heart.

Abruptly breaking away, she said, ‘I have to go, the timing isn’t right.’

He held her at arm’s length and looking intently said, ‘Sara, the timing will never be right. Stay with me.’

Slowly shaking her head, she said, ‘No I have to go.’

Stumbling, she half ran, half walked towards the apartment.

Steele raced after her, calling out, ‘Ok, wait up. Ric will wonder what’s happening.’

He caught up to her and together they returned to the apartment.

I'd die to be with you tonight - TheRealMikeHeffernan

Australian singer - Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel)

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  1. Good morning/evening dear Allie-Millie!

    Well, things got a little steamy in today's chapter. In my experience, love and attraction can strike like lightning with no regard for timing, convenience or whether it's right or wrong. In fact, it seems like it happens that way more often than not. I wonder if Sara will be able to resist temptation or if she will give in to it.

    I enjoyed the song and video. It reminded me of John Cougar Mellencamp and also very much reminded me of Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band and their hit "Night Moves."

    Happy Friday to you, dear friend Allie-Millie!

  2. Hello Shady,

    Good to see you here once again and to know you're staying the distance as are the other readers to writing the rapids. Now just about on the home-stretch with 13 chapters to go so I am interested in feedback, Shades. I'll be swinging over to the Dell very soon as I see my reader displays a BOTB's post. That's all for now, cheers Allie-Millie