Thursday, 9 April 2015

Running High - Chapter 12

Ric appeared from the Airport’s entrance and came her way, trundling luggage and beaming.

‘Sara,’ he said ‘it’s so nice to see you.’ He put his bag down and gave her a quick hug.

Putting his hand around her, he said, ‘Come let me escort you to the check in.’ He ushered her to the queue fussing asking if she had her tickets and passport.

She nodded and breathlessly replied, ‘Yes, Ric.’ She went on, ‘I am so nervous.’

They moved up the queue and he said, ‘Yes, I was flustered’ – he wiped his brow with the back of his hand.

She did not ask him to elaborate preferring to let him deal with …family business.

At last they got to the top of the queue and Ric said ‘Yes,’ when the Clerk asked if they were travelling together. He smiled at Sara.

Once through customs they made their way to the departure gate and finally were airborne, destination Istanbul. The flight time was 20 hours and 35 minutes with refuelling via Abu Dhabi.

Sara sighed and looking sideways at Ric, said, ‘We made it.’

He too looked relieved and touched her arm. They both were silent, lost in their own thoughts.

After a while, Sara spoke and began to tell Ric how she had been to visit her dad and told him of her plans.

He smiled and asked, ‘How did he take it?’

‘Pretty good,’ said Sara. She paused for a moment and then continued, ‘I told him I was going with you.’

She smiled and continued, 'he asked if you were alright?'

Smiling, Ric said, 'and I hope you said, yes?’

Giggling she replied, ‘Yes maybe I did….'

Trailing off, he put his hand on hers and time was of no consequence.

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  1. Hi, Allie-Millie! I can't imagine flying more than 20 hours. The longest flight I ever took was less than three. Certainly, sharing that experience and being side by side all that time brought Sara and Ricardo closer together. Arriving in a strange new place is also liberating and often a catalyst to romance. Thank you for piquing my interest anew, dear friend Allie-Millie. I can't wait for the next chapter. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Shady,

    Yes that includes refuelling, so around 19 hours non-stop - yep long haul flight alright :) Ok, so Shady, does that mean you haven't been out of the USA - I have travelled to 49 countries, so Europe, Middle East, Pacific Islands, South East Asia as well as New Zealand and Scandinavia, so Sweden, Finland. Including Petersburg in Russia - beautiful baroque architecture there. I've had a hankering to visit Turkey, so the story is a tiny bit autobiographical. As well I've also wanted to visit the US, mostly the Grand Canyon. I'd like to get back to Vietnam and go down the Mekong river, across to the Great Wall and finally finish up in India by the Nile. In the meantime I fuel my travel passions with story writing - see you!

    1. My goodness, Allie-Millie, you are very well traveled! I have taken only two flights beyond the borders of the continental United States. They included vacations in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands) and Aruba. Before last year I had never traveled farther west than Houston, Texas. On our three week vacation last summer, we visited El Paso, Carlsbad, the Grand Canyon, San Diego and Tuscon.

    2. Hi Shady,

      Goodness, just goes to show you don't need to be well travelled to appear worldy :). I might add some of it was whistle stop but I do like the happy snap and fly onto the next place type of holiday LOL. Have travelled locally so east-west coast of Australia, over what it called the Nullarbor Plain - Adelaide to Perth is 2,700km or 1,678 miles. Then, thru the centre so you may have heard of Ayers Rock and then inland across to the east coast - QLD travelling south down the coast.