Friday, 13 March 2015

Running High - Chapter 8

The days blended into one another as Sara’s trip developed a life of its own. Purchasing plane tickets, she booked accommodation at Marseille. As far as she knew, Ric was taking care of the details for Turkey.

She stretched out on the lounge in her home, revelling in her time off. She thought about her future and wondered if it would include love without conditions.

Her mother would often ask her why she couldn’t find someone. Sara would explain the right person hadn’t shown up. Her mum would insist she wasn’t looking in the right places and would offer ideas on meeting the One.

Sara would laugh and tell her not to worry, that she was quite happy. Her dad was more laidback, telling her she had plenty of time to find the right bloke and she ought to join him at the Club. He carried on, wryly stating ‘there were plenty of blokes there.’

She’d joke and would say she might take him up on the offer.

She admitted to herself, at times she found it difficult, almost a pining for what she did not have. She distracted herself with training and work.

As well, there was Ric, however it was complex. For now he met her needs. She couldn’t put her finger on why? Perhaps it was his great sense of fun, mixed with tenderness. More importantly though for her, Ric gave unswerving emotional support, something she desperately craved.

Sighing she reflected on the trip, especially Turkey. She was nervous about the run but it would be a lifelong goal crossing the finishing line.

Closing her eyes, she soaked up the tranquillity of her home recharging her emotional life away from distractions.

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  1. Hi, dear Allie-Millie! Sara seems to have her head on straight. She is not so desperate to be in a relationship that she would fall into the common trap of hanging out in clubs and pubs. She is going about it the sensible way, enjoying her alone time and concentrating on her emotional and physical well being. Another person cannot make her whole. It's her job. Perhaps something more will develop between Sara and Ricardo, but there is his wife to consider, and he has made no mention of her, especially no mention of a separation or divorce. The best course of action for Sara at this point in time is to focus on getting her own life in order and preparing for the trip and the long run.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Allie-Millie!